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Superior Quality Electrical Discharge Machining Oil


LUPROMAX-MF ELECTROCUT is an electrical discharge machining (EDM) oil suitable for a broad range of metal removal rates. The key characteristics are as follows :

It provides both uniform insulation and controlled electrical discharge at the breakdown voltage. After the discharge of each eroding sparks, LUPROMAX-MF ELECTROCUT deionizes quickly.

LUPROMAX-MF ELECTROCUT is characterized by the absence of nitrogen, sulphur, aromatics and other impurities. The aromatics content is typically less than 100 ppm while sulphur content is as low as 3 ppb. It has no odour and its crystal blue properties are becoming standard requirements of customers all over the world.

LURPOMAX-MF ELECTROCUT has viscosity sufficiently low at normal operating temperatures to allow good circulation through a spark gap, and to allow metal fragments to settle out of the oil before it is recirculated.

It has low volatility properties that minimize the amount of fluid lost from evaporation, especially at the higher rates of metal removal and elevated temperatures attained with the application of high amperage.

The high flash point of LUPROMAX-MF ELECTROCUT helps reduce the danger of fire when normal safety precautions are observed.

It has good heat transfer properties that provide adequate quenching of the metal surfaces after each spark, uniformly cooling the electrode and the workpiece. This is important to avoid dimensional variations in the workpiece caused by thermal expansion.

It exhibits good stability even under the conditions of elevated temperature at the spark gap and exposure to air characteristic of the EDM process. Sludge formation with LUPROMAX-MF ELECTROCUT is minimal under these conditions.


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