Fuel Oil Additives



Scavenger For Vanadium And Sodium


LUPROMAX-FVS fuel oil additive is a specially formulated blend of combustion catalyst and slag inhibitors designed to combat fireside deposit of vanadium, sodium and sulphur. Through the use of this magnesium oil base fuel oil additive a higher temperature is reached by means of the better combustion of the oil.

Besides LUPROMAX-FVS contains metalorganic compound which makes the catalytical influence of the Vanadium compound inactive and decreases considerably the formation of sulphuric acid. Keeping the exhaust space clean. Through the improved combustion, and special nitrogen containing compound, the exhaust pipes are kept free of deposits.


Average dosage rates are one liter per 2-4 tons of fuel oil. Feed rates depend on a number of factors, such as the severity of the problem, air excess controllability, conditions peculiar to a given situation etc. LUPROMAX-FVS may be fed directly to the fuel oil line by means of a chemcial feed pump or added neat to the fuel storage tank.


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